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Why are we putting on the raddest event

northeast Florida has ever experienced? 

Of course, we like a good party as much as the next guy. And duh, hosting the official kick-off to summer party in 90s style is fun for everyone.

But the real reason we put on this most excellent event each year is because As If! 90s Fest is a fundraiser for ACE Alliance, a local nonprofit 501(c)(3). 


Our charitable organization is committed to supporting St. Johns and Putnam County's movers and shakers who dedicate their craft and livelihood to the culture of tourism, entertainment and hospitality. With funds raised through As If! The 90s Fest, ACE Alliance is able to provide fellow artists and industry members disaster relief and wellness impact via grant allocation.


During the last two years, the event has raised tens of thousands of dollars resulting in dozens of grants to assist local entertainers, tourism and hospitality workers. Click here to meet just a few of ACE Alliance's grant recipients. This year, we are looking to raise even more funds, expand our relief efforts and increase focus on providing assistance designated for mental health.

Of course, none of this is possible without the generous support of our sponsors. It is because our partners that ACE Alliance will again be able to provide grants to local entertainers, hospitality and tourism workers who help make our community the nation's best. 


If you're interested participating in the raddest event northeast Florida has ever experienced while supporting our local movers and shakers (it's a win-win!), please email us at

Are you an industry professional in need of assistance? ACE Alliance is here to help. Please reach out to us at

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