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Local Nonprofit provides Disaster Relief and Wellness Impact to Movers and Shakers in Need

While it is St. Augustine’s rich history that landed us on the map, it is without a doubt, the current-day movers and shakers who make our city pulse.

Often taken for granted, our town’s entertainers, tourism and hospitality workers not only contribute to the town’s appeal, but provide huge economic impact to St. Johns County.

However, as they serve as the heartbeat of our city taking care of locals and visitors alike, they often face extreme personal challenges and even disaster with no relief in sight.

Owners of Ancient City Entertainment and professional musicians, Alberto and Jeanetta Cebollero knew it was high time to turn the tables and provide these industry professionals the positive impact they continually provide so many others.

“St. Augustine’s entertainers, tourism personnel and hospitality workers are the core of our city’s charm and appeal and contribute greatly to our tourism industry,” explained Alberto. “But it is these same industry professionals who are often uninsured, might be facing emotional and/or physical challenges and often live paycheck-to-paycheck with a family to support. A sudden crisis can be completely devastating and wreck their livelihood.”

To answer the needs of those in dire straits, the Cebolleros created ACE Alliance, a local 501(c)(3) non-profit that provides wellness impact and disaster relief to these individuals who keep our city’s lifeblood pumping. 

The Cebolleros conceptualized the non-profit after experiencing devastation first hand. Both career musicians and parents, the Cebolleros lost their home in 2016 after Hurricane Matthew. While they fared better than many of their peers, the tragedy brought to light just how many in their industry were tragically impacted. They certainly were not the only ones in their industry who in one fell swoop lost their home and their livelihoods.

While the idea of ACE Alliance was born in response to a natural disaster, the Cebolleros know that personal crisis comes in all shapes and sizes. Today, ACE Alliance provides assistance to all types of industry workers facing a myriad of hard times. Since the nonprofits inception, they’ve provided assistance to St. Augustine locals including Jamal Wright, Irie Lange, and Colton McKenna.

Jamal Wright is the drummer for the local band, Steelin’ Peaches. In 2021, he developed an infection rendering him unable to work. Uninsured, he also could not afford treatment or prescriptions. ACE Alliance stepped in and helped alleviate the financial crisis while he recovered until he could go back to work.

Irie Lang is a bartender at The Ice Plant and Boat Drinks Bar. His bike - i.e. his means of transportation to work - getting stolen was an unexpected bump in the road. ACE Alliance helped get him a new set of wheels and back behind the bar.

Colton McKenna is a local musician, husband and father of two young kids. A couple years ago, his pregnant wife faced a medical emergency landing her at UF Shands for three months. Mounting medical bills (even though he does have health insurance), caring for two young children, the stress of worrying about his hospitalized wife and their unborn child – topped by the inability to work – left Colton in dire straits. ACE Alliance provided him a grant to alleviate expenses and help him through this difficult time. (AND on February 3, 2022, his wife delivered a beautiful healthy baby!)

Sailor Jane is a local singer and songwriter who is also active in the North Florida charity scene, a former ER nurse as well as a mother. She has established programs for the medically underserved and administered them on her own time. In October 2022, she was suddenly diagnosed with Stage 3 Triple Positive Invasive Ductal Carcinoma. Her treatment to fight this aggressive cancer commenced immediately rendering her unable to work for at least a year. ACE Alliance has provided Sailor Jane grant monies to help offset medical bills and expenses as well as hosted several fundraising events.

These are just a few of dozens of ACE Alliance grant recipients over the past couple years. Moving forward ACE Alliance is planning to expand their relief efforts and increase focus on providing assistance designated for mental health.

The non-profit’s largest annual fundraiser, As If! The 90s Fest has raised tens of thousands of dollars making this type of assistance and disaster relief possible. The Cebolleros and their team continually create new fundraising opportunities, and are looking to raise even more money during the next As If! The 90s Fest.

To learn more about ACE Alliance, get involved, donate, or if you know someone who would benefit from their grants, please contact Jeanetta at

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